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5 Best SEO Case Studies that Actually Worked in 2018

5 Best SEO Case Studies that Actually Worked in 2018

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important for every business running online.

In today’s era, almost 70% of the businesses run through their websites. Many physical stores have been shifting to their own eCommerce stores. Digital Marketing and Advertising is essential to boost your online business. It improves the number of sales effectively by investing just a few bucks in the digital marketing field.

If you are planning to get into the online business or in the digital marketing field, we have compiled a list of working SEO Case Studies to understand what is good for your website and its SEO.

5 Best SEO Case Studies That Actually Worked in 2018

1. Driving Traffic in a Localized Business

If you are running a hotel or a restaurant, then you should go through this case study. With effective steps, you can simply convert local visits to bookings. Besides this, you have to focus on other organic traffic to improve search results on the Google Search.

What you can do for your localized businesses is, technical audit to optimize website and its traffic. If possible, you can change or customize CMS of your website. When you update contents and listings regularly on your website, you will definitely see good results.

2. Increase Organic Traffic through Blogs

For medical or laboratory businesses, it is essential to attract local users. If you focus on attracting local visitors, you need to increase organic traffic by using appropriate keywords.

To increase organic traffic, you need to update your website with new blogs each day. You can post blogs relating to local industry and its questions. Don’t forget to include keywords within the content which is essential to rank well on Google’s Search Results. If you can invest a bit, you can make use of various Social Media platforms. Update relevant blogs to the audiences you are targeting which can drive more organic traffic without any efforts.

3. Gain local inquiries

Local businesses and service providers can make use of online listings to get hired by the needy people. People can easily find you out and hire you for the services you provide using local inquires feature. The main task of your is to rank well on the search results so that people can see your posting on the front page. You need to focus on the locations where you are providing your services and aim towards the same.

For that, you need to develop effective SEO campaigns which can attract more visitors to your listings. When you receive more inquiries, you would receive more requests from the local clients.

4. Make use of the Keywords

For online marketing, it is essential for you to focus on the right keywords. When you update your blog with latest content and useful information, you need to include the suitable Keywords. The challenge is to get a first-page ranking for four competitive keywords. If you complete this challenge, your blog will be ranked on the first page in a short period.

What you can do is post regular blogs as guest posts on various blogs. You can also use editorial link building which can also get you more visits. You can generate new ideas for building new links and that’s how you can improve ranking of your blog.

5. Make the most of the holiday seasons

You can simply increase the ROI of your company by effectively using the holiday seasons. During this season, people love to shop for various things online and if you use new strategies, the number of sales would be increased rapidly. This is also known as peak season in the digital marketing industry and most online businesses plan things out accordingly.


You need to focus on increasing organic traffic to your website. The more traffic you receive, the more visitors will be converted to customers. However, you need to keep your blog updated with relevant contents. Your blogs should be impressive visually which can make the new visitors stick to it. To increase ROI, you can make use of PPC Search Campaign. With this campaign, you will see up to 25% growth in the organic traffic.

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