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How to Start a Successful YouTube Channel for Beginners in 2018

How to Start a Successful YouTube Channel for Beginners in 2018

So you are thinking about How to Create Successful YouTube Channel ok !!! than I will help you in Creating Successful YouTube Channel. To create a successful YouTube channel you should have these 3 things on you, patience & creativity, ideas.
So let's start and talk about How we can start or make a successful YouTube channel.
Wait why you are seating like this boost-up your self and then read this article why? because if you will feel amazing this article will also feel amazing yeah !!! Now, Let's start, Before Creating a Succesful Youtube Channel we need YouTube Channel so first Create Your YouTube Channel if you created your channel so Now I can say we are ready.

How to Start/Make Successful YouTube Channel

Choose Your Content - Any YouTube Channel can't become successful without content so it is very important for you to choose what kind of content you going to make on YouTube. Now, what kind of content should you create if you are thinking to ask me what kind of content should you create on your YouTube Channel? I will suggest you do what you like to do. If you like making Gaming Videos make those kinds of videos, If you like gadgets or technology make technology-related videos there are lots of fields and Topics in which you can make videos.
Examples of YouTube Content - Educational Videos, Facts Videos, Traveling Videos, MotoVlogging, Life Style, Products and Reviews, Technology Related Videos, Informatic Videos, Gaming Videos, Dancing Videos, Music Videos etc.
Create Your Own Style - You are not alone on YouTube there are thousands of creators. Who makes daily videos on the same topic as you do but why you are not successful but he is successful why? because he has his own style of representing and creating videos.
You should create your own style and unique way to represent your self and your video content on YouTube. This will make you different from other YouTubers.
Be Confident on Camera - It is very important to be confident on camera because thousands and millions of people over YouTube watch videos daily. If your voice will be low and you are not looking confident then users will not play your videos, So it is very important to be confident on camera.
Don't expect a huge result instantly on Youtube - Thousand number of people upload daily videos on YouTube. Chances of getting Viral Video instantly on YouTube is between 0.1 to 1%. So don't expect viral videos instantly, Just focus on your work and Keep uploading.
Video Quality and Audio Quality - Make sure your videos have good video and audio quality. It is very important to have a good quality content because users like quality content. Now, you will think you don't have great camera and mic to make great videos. But it's not true you don't  need great camera and mic to make videos because users want quality content more than video and audio quality. But Audio and Video also matter try to shoot with good decent camera and mic. (You can use smartphone to shoot videos, These days SmartPhones have good camera and microphone)
Add Banner, About Section, Links -
  • Add a good Banner on your YouTube Channel. Which Describes Your channel and You.
  • Write About section. In about section write something about your channel.
  • Add your social networking accounts Links from where your subscribers can find you on social networks.
  • Upload Channel icon or Profile image.
Intro Video and featured video - 
  • Create an Intro video for your videos.
  • Make a featured video for your channel. Which describes everything about your channel and You.
Upload Content - To make a successful career on YouTube. You need to upload content. Now everyone knows the fact higher the number of videos you will upload higher the chances of getting views and subscribers, But everyone can't upload daily videos. So choose the days when you wanted to upload your content and upload your content regularly on same days. (be consistent)
  • Write Good Title.
  • Make Your Thumbnails expressive.
  • Write lengthy and Useful Description.
  • Add tags to your videos.
  • Add Endscreen in your videos.
Share your videos - There are lots of platforms. where you can share your videos with others via Links. Use social networking sites to spread your videos. You can use facebook, twitter, Google+, VK, Whatsapp, telegram etc to share your content with others. by sharing your videos on different platforms. You can get viewers and views on your channel.
Stay engaged with your audience - When someone Likes and comment on your video, You feel Amazing. The same thing happens when video creators reply to the subscriber or viewers comments. So always reply to your subscribers and viewers.
  • Every comment on your video is the chance for you to make a connection with your audience.
  • Comments also help you in improving your content. In a form of comments, you can take feedback from your viewers and subscribers.  
Use YouTube Analytics Feature - This Feature will help you a lot. It is used to show statics of your Videos. Example: Likes on your video, Dislikes on your videos, trending keywords of your channel and video, Watch time, views etc. By using this tool you can know more about your content and your channel.

Advertise Your Video - The Best and Easy way of getting Subscribers and Views is to promote your videos on YouTube. It is not compulsory to promote your videos but still, this can help you in starting. If you are promoting your videos, Just make sure you are making good content.
  • If you will promote your videos. You will gain Subscribers and views easily. If your video is really good and helpful.
  • Promoting videos helps you in creating your audience.
  • You can Promote videos in any country where you want to promote your videos. You can choose audience type also (age, gender, language etc).
Thanks for reading.

Please feel free to ask any question related to YouTube in comments, I will Answer your Question and if you have any other suggestions for content Please comment down below.

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