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Pick up Good Hosting Service Provider for your first blog ?

Pick up Good Hosting Service Provider for your first blog ?

Till now we are aware what is domain name and its various extensions. We also understand that how does a domain name works, what impact domain name has in future journey.
In this article, we will learn about the hosting, What is hosting ? How does it works ? and How to buy it ?

So, in very simple language, it is a rented accommodation for our blog website where any passing by can visit and see available contents. In another example, while passing thru the road we have seen the advertisement board place road side, anyone can pay for to the owner and place their own advertisement. The board and place will remain of the owner, as long as the services have taken, your advertisement if available to world whosoever is passing by the road.
The Hosting is very similar concept to this. You pay to the hosting companies as per plan and term you want, they will store your website contents in their servers and will be available 24*7. In other words, “Host” hosting service provider will deliver the content of your website whenever it is required by visitors.
Types of Hosting Services
There are several types of web hosting services available to host your first blog website. While signup, for the hosting service, it is important to understand the type of hosting available for your business needs. You need to consider the type of hosting basis the business needs and budget for hosting.
  • Shared Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Collocated Hosting
What is Shared Hosting ?
In this option, Yours and several other website will connect to single server. All the software and application will be connected to share server. Shared Hosting services are good for setting up first blog, these services are affordable in price as the server cost is shared with the other website owners as well. However, these are bit slow as compared to other option but good for first blog.
What is Dedicated Hosting?
Dedicated Hosting, as the name says, there will be dedicated server which will host only your website. It is costlier as compared to other option as entire server operating cost will be born by single website owner only. However, this option will provide the faster speed for your website and required high level security all the time.
What is Collocated Hosting ?
This type of hosting use by big organisation where millions of visitors visit the website. You will need to buy your own server and keep in good host facility. You will be responsible for the server security etc and have full control on it.

How to buy the hosting services ?

Currently, there are number of hosting service providers are available in the market. There are lots of hosting companies are offering services on very low price, do not buy into it. You will need to keep the following points in your mind before finalizing the hosting services.
  • First and foremost, 100% uptime, if central server of hosting company down. It will result into website non accessible.
  • Always choose reliable services brands (you may buy the hosting plan by clicking any of the following hosting providers)
    • (Recommended)
    • (Credit Card not mandatory)
Since, you will be setting up your first blog, I would recommend that you should start with beginners hosting plan first, that is because, as number of your blog will grow, you may upgrade the plan to next level by paying additional fees to hosting service provider.
The success of blog is also depends on performance by your hosting company, hence it strongly recommended to buy hosting from reputed service providers only. Above listed hosting providers are best in providing hosting services with near to 100% uptime.

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