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Things To Do After Installing WordPress

Things To Do After Installing WordPress

So, you have started a new wordpress blog. ok, There is lots of thing to do after installing a wordpress blog.

Things To Do After Installing WordPress

Change General Settings:-

After installing a wordpress let’s do some necessary settings which will help you to increase user experience and for better search engine optimization.
For general settings in wordpress go to Settings > General from your left admin panel of wordpress.
General settings to do after installing wordpress

Site Title:-

This is your wordpress blog title remove the default and write your new site title if you already not do that.
For example in my blog i have wrote Earn on blog in my site title.


Tagline is for short description of your blog. Describe in one line that what is this blog about.

WordPress Address(URL):-

In the wordpress address i recommended to make it www. This is to select the version of your website means if you like to www version of your website or to make it not www version. Just write in the text box if you don’t have https.

Site Address(URL):-

If you have installed your wordpress blog indifferent directory then write that address here or keep it as same as WordPress Address.

Email Address:-

Write the best email address that anyone can reach to you easily. If you have setup a admin email then write or you can also write your gmail or another email address here.


If your wordpress blog is many author blog then you can tick the checkbox so, anyone can register as a member or new author.

New User Default Role:-

If any one register at your blog then which should his role. You can select here the default role of every member who sign up to your blog. You can also change it later.

Site Language:-

Select the language from the drop down list that best describe your website language. For example earnonblog is in English so, i have selected English(U.s.).


Select your timezone here from the drop down menu. This will help you to schedule your post or page for publish.

Date and Time Format:-

Select the date and time format which one you like the most.
Select the Week starts on monday if you like or you can change it.
After doing all this changes don’t forget to save changes.

Do Reading Settings:-

Reading setting to do after installing wordpress
Reading settings is for how your blog looks like while reading a blog. For reading settings Go to Settings > Reading from your wordpress left admin panel.

Your Homepage Displays:-

There is two option for your homepage.
1. Your latest posts:
Select this option if You want to show your latest blog post at your homepage. I recommended to choose this option as a beginner.
2. A static Page:
If you have already make your homepage than select the homepage from the dropdown menu at homepage and the blog page which will display your latest blog posts.

Blog Pages Show at Most :-

This option is to select how much article you want to show on first page of your blog. If you select 6 than your latest 6 articles will be shown on your first page of blog. Other article will be moved to next page.

Syndication Feeds Show the Most Recent:-

Select how much article you want to show at your feed. I have selected 10 top recent blog post. It will display last 10 blog post i have published on my blog feed.

For Each Article in a Feed, Show:-

There is two option for article Full text and Summary.
Select Full text option if you want to show your each article with full text at the first page and select the summary option if you would like to see a short summary of each article on your feed page.
I recommend to choose summary option from above.

Search Engine Visibility:-

If you don’t want to index your blog at any search engine then tick the check box. But if you want to show your blog will show and index by search engine than leave it unchecked.
You can tick the check box till the full setup of your blog after that you have to remove the check mark to index by search engine.

Related Posts:-

This is your related post settings.
You can see the preview below to this options, how your related posts will looks like.
Tick all the box and uncheck each one by one you will find the difference between all the options.
Follower setting are not now important. And don’t forget to save changes.

Do Permalink Setting:-

Permalinks settings to do after installing wordpress

What is Permalinks?

Permalinks is simply URL of your wordpress blogpost.

How to Setup Permalink in WordPress:-

To setup permalinks in wordpress go to Settings>Permalinks from your wordpress left admin panel.
You will see different option there like..
Plain( is for choose the page number as your wordpress post URL.
Day and name( is for choose the date and page title as your URL.
Month and name( is for Choose the month and year as your URL.
Numeric( is for choose the archive’s number as your URL.
Post name( is for choose your post tile as your URL.
Custom Structure( is for select your custom structure as your URL.
Simply i recommended to choose the Post name as your URL. You can also change it is you have installed Yoast seo plugin we will install it later. Now just select the post name as your permalinks.
And click on save changes.

Change the Theme:-

How to Change the WordPress Theme?

To change the wordpress theme go to Appearance>Themes.
You can see your installed theme here.
Click on Add New and you will find lots of free wordpress theme there.
You can also use premium themes if you have downloaded from sites like mythemeshop.
Choose any good theme which is best fit according to your niche. You can also use Filters to find a specific theme and preview to see how will your blog looks like and than install the theme.
After that delete the default and all unwanted themes.

Setup Widgets in Sidebar:-

How to add widgets in sidebar
To setup widgets in wordpress go to Appearance>Widgets from left admin panel.
You can find lots of widgets available there.
Don’t worry if your screen not looks like the image above.
you can drag and drop the widgets from left to right. Select the widgets you would like to have in your blog sidebar.
There is lots of varieties like custom html, photo, subscribe, tags, categories, list of popular posts or specific pages and many more. You can also change it later.

Install Akismet Antispam Plugin:-

After installing wordpress and put it on search engine everyone finds the comment spamming problem in wordpress so, it is necessary to install akismet plugin for removing spam comments.

How to Install and Setup Akismet Antispam in WordPress:-

To install akismet go to Plugins>Add New from left admin panel.
Search for akismet from automatic(Developer name) and install the plugin.
Now click on active.
The screen will tell you to setup your akismet account, Click on that.
This will ask you for akismet API key, Click on Get your API key This will lead to you a new screen for your akismet account setup.
Just complete the free signup process and you will get your API key, copy that key and paste it in your wordpress akismet setup screen. Click on get active and you are done. That’s it.

Install Yoast SEO Plugin:-

The yoast seo plugin will help you to increase your search engine optimization and many more features, you can view this video and install the step by step yoast seo plugin
Now most of important thing are done it is time to get your blog on google now.

Setup your Google Search Console Account:-

First of all i recommend to make a new google account for new blog.
After doing that go to google webmaster tool
Signin using your gmail account and click on Add property.
how to add blog in google webmaster tool
Now enter your wordpress blog url to the textbox with http like and click on Add.
how to add website address in google webmaster tool
Now there is different method for verifications, Select the alternate method and click on html tag.
Copy the highlighted code in the yellow color.
Verify google search console
and now come to your wordpress dashboard and go to SEO>Dashboard from left admin panel.
Select the webmaster tab and paste the code into the googlr search console box. Click on save changes.
Now go back to google webmaster tool tab and click on verify. A successful messege will appear there.
IF so, than you have successfully added your blog to google webmaster tool.
Now it’s time to submit the sitemap to google search console.
from your wordpress dashboard go to SEO > XML Sitemaps. click the check box for enable sitemap and click on save changes.
Now go to google webmaster tool and select the website or blog you want to add sitemap. Click on add sitemap and write your sitemap url.
Your xml sitemap url will be looks like
You can check it before adding in a google webmaster tool.

Make your Social Media Accounts:-

After starting a successful blog every blogger should make a account in each social media like facebook page, twitter, google +, youtube, pinterest etc.. for blog.
And start gathering followers.
Share your blog on each social media.
And don’t forget to delete the sample content like hello dolly plugin and sample post etc.
There is lots of things which we have not included in this article but they are not so important as a beginner. But after that tasks like, installing caching plugin to increase website speed , Setup contact form, install wp smush, Get gravatar, Setup your user profile, create menu, about us page and much more is must to do.
So, in this article we have seen the settings and task to perform after installing wordpress
  • General setting
  • Reading settings
  • Permalink settings
  • Change the theme
  • Add widgets in sidebar
  • install akismet plugin
  • install yoast seo plugin
  • Setup google webmaster tool
  • Setup social media account

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