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What is HTML ? Advantages & Disadvantages | HTML

What is HTML ? Advantages & Disadvantages | HTML


HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, which is the most widely used language on Web to develop web pages.

HTML was created by Berners-Lee in late 1991 but "HTML 2.0" was the first standard HTML specification which was published in 1995. HTML 4.01 was a major version of HTML and it was published in late 1999. Though HTML 4.01 version is widely used currently we are having HTML-5 version which is an extension to HTML 4.01, and this version was published in 2012.

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1. HTML is used to create web pages.
2. HTML used many tags to make a webpage. So it is a tag-based language.
3. The tags of HTML are surrounded by the angular bracket.
4. It can use wide ranges of colors, objects, and layouts.
5. Very useful for beginners in web designing field.

Advantages of HTML:

1. The first advantage it is widely used.
2. Every browser supports HTML language.
3. Easy to learn and use.
4. It is by default in every window so you don't need to purchase extra software.
5.You can integrate HTML with CSS, JavaScript, php etc.

Disadvantages of HTML:

1. It can create only static and plain pages so if we need dynamic pages then HTML
is not useful.
2. Need to write a lot of code for making a simple webpage.
3. Security features are not good in HTML.
4. If we need to write long code for making a webpage then it produces some complexity.

Why HTML is Used in Web pages?

Web developing includes two main sections:

Backend: codes that are written in Python, PHP, ASP.Net, and Golang to name but a few by the developer.
And Frontend which is markup showed by clients' or users' browsers, and for doing this we should use HTML(HyperText Markup Language), it just shows some elements for users and doesn't run any functions.
When you go to a specific URL, your request is sent to your desired server and it'll render for your HTML of the site, in fact, the server runs any server-side functions.

Is HTML considered a programming language?

No, HTML is not a programming language. The "M" stands for "Markup". Generally, a programming language allows you to describe some sort of process of doing something, whereas HTML is a way of adding context and structure to text.

If you're looking to add more alphabet soup to your CV, don't classify them at all. Just put them in a big pile called "Technologies" or whatever you like. Remember, however, that anything you list is fair game for a question.

HTML is so common that I'd expect almost any technology person to already know it (although not stuff like CSS and so on) so you might consider not listing every initialism you've ever come across. I tend to regard CVs listing too many things as suspicious, so I ask more questions to weed out the stuff that shouldn't be listed. :)

However, if your HTML experience includes serious web design stuff including Ajax, JavaScript, and so on, you might talk about those in your "Experience" section.


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