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5 Free Website Cpanel Hosting Providers With All Features

5 Free Website Cpanel Hosting Providers With All Features

5 Free Website Cpanel Hosting Providers With All Features

Hello, are you looking for free website hosting? With all features like addon domains, my SQL databases, Free SSL certificate, Security applications, etc. Then you are in the right place, on WOWTIPS we have the 5 best free hosting providers, who provide instant cpanel activation with all features like paid.

5 Free Website Cpanel Hosting Providers With All Features

Info About Free Hosting Providers:

Everybody can think, that why they offer hostings without any cost as compared to paid hostings. The answer is that they want to spread/promote their business/company so, they offer free without any cost. But under some limitations, like only 1 website in one account/Cpanel, limited MySQL databases, limited add-on domains, limited(bandwidth, disk space, resources, etc.
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  1. Instantly account will be activated, and cPanel logins will be sent to the Email account.
  2. Customers will not be asked to enter any payment method like a credit card.
  3. 24/7 chat and email support are available to solve free customer issues.
  4. A customer can earn through the free hosting affiliate program, offered by some free hosters.
  5. If you like their services, you can upgrade anytime to their cheap paid hostings with powerful resources.


  1. Limited(Addon/Sub Domains, Bandwidth, Disk space, MySQL databases, resources).
  2. No backup option available, so you can create only a new website.
  3. No SEO tools are available.

So above listed information is very necessary to read before the further process. Because if you want to run your business online for a long time, then we recommend you to buy a paid one. As you can’t back up your data if you need to change from free to any other paid provider. So without wasting any more time let’s go them.

We also have a trick to register absolutely free domains. Like .com, .net, .org, or any other TLD you want. Just you need to go to or read the complete article and watch the tutorial on how to get free domain names.

RelatedPaid but less than 1$.

Looking for paid but cheap hostings with all features? Here we have 7 providers offering (Shared, cloud, and VPS) hosting in less than 1$.

Free Website Hostings Providers:

1. Uhostfull:

Uhostfull also is known as ihost full free host provider. Their free services are really great and amazing we have also used their services for some of our sites. And we appreciate their free hostings. All other free hosters do not give unlimited bandwidth, MySQL databases, backup options, etc. But they allow their free customers to back up their work.

Features of Uhostfull:

  • Unlimited Addon Domains (run unlimited websites).
  • Unlimited SQL Databases.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and disk space.
  • Softaculous tool to install any website builder platform.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Fastest Servers.
  • Instant account setup.
  • 1 FTP account.

If you are interested to select free uhostfull without any cost. Open this signup form and fill in your details with (Username, password, email address). Choose the free plan, enter the captcha below, and click the Register button. After some time you will receive login details.

Log in to your free Cpanel and start adding free addon domains and keep enjoying.

2. Dreamnix:

The second most useful and powerful free host provider is dreamnix. They provide absolutely free without credit card. But under some limitations. Before going to dreamnix you should know that, you cannot back up and download your data as SQL databases to transfer the website to another host in the free plan.

Features of Dreamnix:

  • Free SSL certificate.
  • Pre-Installed phpMyAdmin & phpPgAdmin
  • Turbo Server: Up To 20X Faster Page Loads.
  • 1 GB per month bandwidth.
  • Anti Virus / Anti Spam.
  • No backup option available in the free plan.

If you are interested to choose dreamnix cloud plan, for the USA country simply open this sign up form. And fill the form with (Username, password, and email) then click continue and complete the registration.

Asian users are not allocated to sign up for. So they will have to install a VPN in any browser like chrome, firefox, opera, etc, and then start registering. And select USA country in a form then open fakenamegenerator and copy fake details of USA address and paste in the dreamnix sign up form.

Note: If you do not know how to sign up and configure the free Cpanel then watch the video tutorial embedded above.

3. 5Gbfree:

The third most popular free website hosting provider is 5gbfree. Their services are also useful and powerful. But also with limits. But we recommend uhost or dreamnix instead of this but if you want to run this for checking purposes. So you can try it for free.


  • Disk Usage 5 GB allocated.
  • Monthly bandwidth 20 GB.
  • Single FTP account.
  • 3 my SQL databases.
  • Single addon domain.
  • 1 GB of physical memory allocated.

Want to get this hosting? open this sign up form and fill in the details. For this, we also recommend to use VPN and select USA IP if you are an Asian customer.

So hopefully you will enjoy all these free website hosting plans. Do not forget to share us with your friends and family for free support.

4. 000webhost:

000web is the most popular who provides absolutely free but you can choose them only for testing purposes. Because their free hostings are not suitable to run websites. To sign up for the open sign up form and fill the form.

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